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Music Dance Festival Performers

John Bowne High School JROTC Color Guard has taken part in many events. Some of these events include high school sports games, block associations, award ceremonies, and graduations. These cadets are trying to make their program more successful by participating in community events such as this one. Our goal is to create better citizens and showcase students can make a difference.

Christine Michelle Morales is a 17 year old high school student hailing from La Guardia of Performing Arts with plans to pursue her love for singing in college at the American Musical & Dramatic Academy. Born and raised in New York she's part of Level's Theatre Group and has performed in several productions such as Batboy The Musical, The Little Mermaid and many more. She represented New York in 2015 as the Grand Finalist of Star Quest Season VII (a Filipino American produced Media & Entertainment). Some of her inspirations come from artists like Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato and Adele.

Estampas Negra began in 1992, in a basement on 89th St. Queens, New York by choreographer Enrique Alvarado, a former dancer of the Ballet of Colombia and Venezuela Ballet Dance. Initially the group was comprised of three people, whom after six months of hard work, managed to make their debut in the festival of the Independence of Colombia in Flushing Meadow Park. The Ballet has had the opportunity to perform at La Guardia theatre, Hunter College, Madison Square Garden, and the Independence festival of Colombia in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Spirits N Motion 3.0 was founded by Victor M. Hernandez Jr., Renee Hernandez, and Barbara Valle. Featuring dancers from all over the Tristate area ranging from ages 21-35. The dance group is known for its unorthodox style using a unique fusion of Afro-Cuban movements, Rumba, and Mambo. Their mission is to enhance mental focus, inspire others to use dance as an expression and teach self-confidence. They strive to bring folklore to the community and across the United States and Canada. “Lead by example. Be an inspiration to others” is the team’s motto.

Dick Chen is a Taiwanese native. In 1972 he migrated to the United States to pursue a career as a chemical engineer in which he earned his masters. Since then, Chen has achieved many of his goals in life including being the president of his very own corporation. Chen adopted a passion for music and at a young age began playing the guitar and singing. Composing his own music for those he loved all around him. Today Chen enjoys many hobbies including dancing, tennis and golfing.

Ballet Folklórico Muuchxiimbal has represented the Mexican music culture for over 3 years in New York City. Founded in Jalisco, Mexico but now residing in the heart of Manhattan, Ballet Folklórico seeks to inspire and teach dance to all cultures. Muuchxiimbal means “walking together” in the Mayan language. Folklórico is composed of Ballet steps and musical pieces reflecting various regions and folk music genres of Mexico.

Dominican Folklore was founded in 2008 being composed of many teens and young adults who love to represent their culture through dance. The idea for the group commenced at a Sweet 15 in which they celebrated using the beautiful traditional patriotic Dominican outfits. Since then, they have participated in many cultural and patriotic events including all of the parades of the Dominican Republic in New York City. They have also participated in many other cultural events from different countries.

Latin Better Dance Company was founded by its director and choreographer, Alexis Quinones. Within its short life, the company has managed to win first place in various competitions including regional Salsa competitions in the United States. Latin Better is one the pioneer schools in the Tristate area offering modern American, African and Latin dances. They excel in Salsa Calena in which they display high levels of matchless physical skill.

Bianco is a hard working, self-made musician, who enjoys singing in many different languages. Growing up in a cultured home, his desire to interact and expand his knowledge on different nationalities was awaken at a very young age. Dominating the Spanish language but at this point in his life, he is having a lot of fun learning and singing in Chinese.

The Budari Dance Company represents Honduras in the heart of Queens, New York featuring experienced dancers and drummers. Often, the musicians switch roles with the dancers and the dancers with the singers. Elements like the choreography, singing, music, gaudy colors and costumes, coupled to the folkloric scene of a nation. The main message of their dance is to tell a story that transcends and is strengthened over time. The Budari Dance Company opens its doors to all those who wish to witness artistic expressions that keep roots of this community. 

Beijing opera consists of singing, recital, gestures and fighting actions. The song-and-dance routine, the dazzling costumes, the stylized performance and colorful facial make-up are a huge draw.

The Devore Dance Center is the home of a cultural arts program stressing performance arts, academics and character development. We are dedicated to building character and enhancing the cultural development of our students. Through the programs offered at devore, we expand, cultivate and educate our youth. It is our goal to reawaken their sense of community through the arts.  We are dedicated to setting forth our youth in a positive direction.

Olga Shalashova is a native of Moscow, Russia. Being raised in a vast family, she quickly discovered, by the age of 6, what she knows today as her first love, dance. Few years later, Olga was participating in singing and dance competitions all over Russia winning many awards including the National Russian Children’s Department Award for Best Vocals. She went on to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London where she graduated receiving her bachelors’ degree. Since then she has continued to pursue her passion and having only arrived to the United States, 5 months ago, is a well loved teacher at the Ru Dance Studio in Queens, New York.

Lulu Tan is currently a teacher at the Ru Dance Studio alongside her dance partner, Paul Ru Bao. They became a team in 2010 and have competed in many competitions nationwide as well international. The duo has also been featured in cultural events such as the Fashion Week show in New York City and the Gala Show at Queens Theatre in the Park.

As a pianist, vocalist, and composer, Brett Roelofs has appeared at Alice Tully Hall, the New York Center for Contemporary Opera, Merkin Concert Hall, the Producer’s Club, the Waldorf Astoria, and the Warwick Music Festival.  He is a Director of Fine Arts for the Colonial Church of Bayside. Roelofs has taught musical theater for years at In the Spotlight and TheaterKidz Performing Arts Academies. Brett’s pop opera, Birthday Boy recently received an Off-Broadway Showcase at the Davenport Theatre in Manhattan.

George Stavrianopoulos is a singer, composer and bouzouki player. At the young age of 13, George immigrated to New York City and resided in Washington Heights with his family, before they moved to Corona. He attended the Mechanics Institute of Engineering in Manhattan. For decades, he served as a Master Plumber for private homes and commercial buildings all throughout the city. During the 70s, George shared his musical talents as a lead singer and bouzouki player in a band that performed throughout Queens. To date, he is an active Greek-American culture enthusiast and often participating in local Greek events, and helping at the Greek Cultural Center in Astoria. George has two daughters and one grandson, soon welcoming another grandson into the world, and not too long after, a granddaughter.

Emily Koo is a professional dance student.  She is a business woman that loves the art of dancing.  This is her second appearance  with the QNYCMDF.  This time she will be dancing to a Latin beat.

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