Dear friends,

 Whether you are an artist, music dance lover, a resident or a business owner, as a member of New York Queens/Long Island NYCMDF Dance Community, there is always something you could do to help New York  Queens and Long Island combat COVID-19.

Thanks to our community members for reaching out to vendors to purchase masks. With the money raised, Queens/Long Island Rudanceny Community will purchase and donate disposable masks, gloves to Queens/Long Island Local Police, Hospitals and other organizations that need it. We would like to encourage you to donate any amount you want. No matter how much the donation is, your heartful contribution will be appreciated!
Here are two ways to achieve your love.
First, direct donate any amount
Second, Self- help purchase with online dance class,  exercise at home improves the immunity to stay healthy life!
Buy $ 180--for one-month online group lessons. 
$ 280 --  one-month online group lessons PLUS  2 online private lessons.
For more details, please refer to
If an online class isn't your jam, please consider supporting by purchasing a gift card that you can give to a friend or redeem yourself at a later date. Our set amount of gift cards is now 50% off.

All proceeds will be used to donate to the hospital, police station, fire department.

Thank you to all who have reached out with messages of encouragement and asked for ways to support them.
Help us for uplift dance! Support the NYCMDF community and we'll match donations. Up to a total of $ 3600.00

Thanks for your support!






Dear friends:

Thanks for your long lasting concern

about our art and community!

The 2018 NYCMDF New York Dance Competition finals

will be presented on Jan 19th. We will hold this fabulous event at the flushing New York
 with dancers from different cultures and countries to encourage and preserve
beautiful dance globally and to provide an aesthetic base for professional education
and training of young dancers.

A sponsorship with the New York Multicultural festival aligns your corporation with
one of the most prestigious dance organizations. You can also get customized benefits
to meet your company's need. Your support will be thanked by thousands of audience
members and dancers. Also, we have more than 1 million consumers viewing our

Artistically one of the most important gathering places of modern dance
professionals and students in New York. Please join us!



《2018 纽约舞蹈大赛》将于11月24日在历史悠久的  Alvin Aileytheater 献上一场美的盛宴。届
1.19 日的《纽约多元音乐舞蹈节》, 世界冠军庆新春舞会,为繁荣纽约华人文化艺术表演推介优秀人才 。您的支持将得到预计超千名现
十年树木, 百年树人。文化的氛围需要凝聚大家的力量一起营造。为了更美好的家园,为了

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